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Originally from Ohio, David has been a resident of Georgia since 1985 when his Datson 240Z broke down in Atlanta while on the way to visit his brothers in Tampa. He brought with him degrees in Civil Technology and Architecture along with seven years of college teaching experience in Architectural Technology.

As well as being a registered architect, David is a PHIUS certified professional, is certified in Permaculture Design and is a LEED Accredited Professional. He is a member of the American Institute of Architects, the Living Building Community and the Fellowship for Intentional Community,

While in Atlanta David has worked on projects of all types and sizes from courthouses to performing theatres. More recently, as founder of Solera Studios , he has designed a now occupied Passive House home in South Carolina and has several new Passive House projects in design/construction including Georgia’s first. Most recently, he is working with a team to design and build an ALS Living Center using the principles of permaculture and the Passive Building standards.






Jeff Dinkle is the President of Eco Custom Homes/ICON Development Corporation, a leader in sustainable new construction, retrofits and historic renovations in the Atlanta area. Jeff has numerous industry affiliations and charitable ties within the Atlanta community and regularly participates in community outreach projects, including the 2008 “Eco Playhouse” constructed for HomeAid Atlanta. Jeff is a founding member of Sustain.ATL, a collaborative sustainable consulting group; as well as a Board member of the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association Green Building Council and is a past Board member of the First Montessori School of Atlanta. He is also an active member of Southface and the US Green Building Council. He has dual degrees in economics and sociology from Emory University and maintains an ICC Residential Certification along with a dual Georgia Building License.  He is also a board member of the Passive House Alliance, currently serving as acting Secretary.  He is also Certified as a Passive House Consultant, both in the US and Germany.

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Bryan is an architect with over a 20 year veteran of custom residential design and in his 16th year of practice as a principle of Atlanta based Jones Pierce Architecture.  The first 20 years Bryan created house and that looked good and lived well.  In the last 2 years he discovered the Passive House, passed certification has transitioned 3 new home designs to the Passive House design criteria.

Bryan is excited to now know how to offer a path to higher quality home that goes beyond superficial looks to modeled performance, testing during construction and measured results. “All my clients typically want a high quality home.  I love using energy modeling and testing of a Passive House design approach to produce pretty houses that perform”

Bryan has seen the positive return on investment Passive House offers to clients including:


  • Helping clients make equipment and window decisions up front based on long term cost.
  • Performance from designed and commissioned HVAC systems.
  • Friendly competition between contractors to achieve the ”record” sealing results from a blower door test

Bryan practices residential architecture using a principle based process to help his clients make decisions in the right order and to manage their construction investment.  The Passive House Criteria fits into principles Jones Pierce uses to create quality homes consistently.

Bryan is a native of Oak Ridge Tennessee, graduate of Auburn University and a registered architect in Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina and is currently working in Highland North Carolina and Tennessee.  Bryan became a Passive house Design Consultant and completed training for a permaculture design certificate in 2013.  He lives with his wife and 3 school aged children in Midtown Atlanta and Lake Martin, AL.

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I have spent a large part of my professional career as a Control Engineer blending control system technology with computer engineering and technical support of computer systems.    An opportunity to start a business with my relatives in Slovakia building wooden homes shifted my professional interests to the arena of Building Science.

At WHC, s.r.o we were building low energy wooden homes.  But I wanted to do more – comfort and energy conservation was my focus.  I learned about the Passive Haus movement in Germany and wanted to bring its benefits to Slovakia and to the US.

I have trained at the Passive House Institute in Urbana , IL and also at the PHI in Darmstadt, Germany.  In order to learn more about the construction industry in the US,  I have trained at Southface in Atlanta, GA

I am a certified HERS rater , BPI analyst and Energy Star V3 rater.

My goal is to incorporate current green building practices in the US with the Passive House principles to create a healthy living environment that uses dramatically less energy for the population of the Southeastern US.